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14 April 2010 @ 01:40 pm
Ok i'm making this post public...because I don’t want to post it in HS3 but I do want it to be seen...I hate when people fight, thats no secret and I hate when people bash each other and spread stupid rumors....so maybe HS3 was not the right place for me to try to run but I had hoped people had grown up since 1999. The deal behind it is in 99 I had plenty of friends, I was happy enough and I was popular enough in my own group. But Columbine had just happened and it interested me in my own morbid curiosity way (This led to me studying it and doing a report on it as I got older) but at the time people took it the wrong way and the next thing I knew I was being taken out of my class and told to bring my things cause I wouldn’t be back. Turns out one of the girls who I thought wasn’t my friend but we were at least decent to each other had told the office that I was planning on killing everyone and that I had a hit list. She even created a hit list to make her story more believable and put people I didn’t even know on it.

After that I started the long process of trying to prove I had never planned any of it and it was just a rumor. but it was too late, people are going to believe what they want to no matter who it hurts. I was still in school at the time and had the school threatening to send me to a mental ward...they even had people from there come talk to me and tell me that this was the kind of thing that would land me in isolation and that they didn’t want to see that happen and I should just admit to what i did wrong so they could help me get better. No one believed that I could never hurt anyone much less take a life. School got worse when I had people tripping me in the halls, threatening to kick my ass, threatening to KILL me before I could kill them yet this didn’t get any attention the rumors about me were all that mattered to the idiots at the school. I had guys coming up to me saying they'd fuck me if I didn’t kill them, wrapping their arms around me saying they always liked me and that they hoped they weren’t on the hit list. And after reporting all this back to the office the principal told me that if I continued to stay in their school that they couldn’t promise my safety. So I got taken out of school because of all this.

After that I got sent to summer school to pass the classes that I'd failed due to being taken out of school, of course there were students there that I'd either gone to school with or that had heard about it so the rumors still didn’t stop. Of all the friends I'd gained over the years only 3 still talked to me and believed I was innocent. I was sent to a psychiatrist to talk to them about everything going on because i was depressed, suicidal and just in a horrible emotional state. I switched schools to one that no one knew me, started new...luckily the one person that I did know was one of the 3 people who had believed me. The police concluded that the hit list was not made by me it wasn’t even close to my handwriting, and that the whole subject should be dropped and never brought up because it wasn’t true but when I'd see old classmates in the store I'd still hear them talking loudly about it from the next aisle about how I was the person who had threatened to kill everyone. I was at the park one day and this little girl came up to me and asked if I was the girl who had tried to kill her big brother...I STILL hear about it from time to time, RUMORS NEVER END.

This is why I don’t like people spreading such horrible things about others, it may not be the exact same thing but it is close enough. lies hurt and can have horrible effects in a persons life. it doesn’t matter how small it starts if the wrong person hears about it or the wrong person sees it then things can go to hell and fast. The spreading rumors and lashing out at everyone especially using names is childish and can have horrible effects on someone’s life. And for those of you calling them "butthurt" That phrase first of all I hate it, not sure where it started but I wish it haddnt cause its stupid and second you never know how rumors and lies can affect someone until you've lived it. And about the "no ones going to press charges against that" yeah they could, I could of easily filed a lawsuit against the girl that started shit and the school both and everyone else who had been a part of it and hell I should have because me doing nothing they got away with it and nothing happened to them and now they are probably doing the same thing to other people. But the point is lies hurt, bashing and calling people out hurt and lawsuits are very possible because of it. I know this was long and there’s going to be people who wont read it because of them and they are probably the ones that need to understand it most but there you go. The result of your lies and gossip and bashing people who you have no proof about.
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